Hey there, I'm Savan.

Gosh, its so weird talking about myself, but here goes.  I'm married to my former employee, however he is no longer taking orders from me LOL.  Mother to two of sweetest little girls you can ever imagine.  I love overpriced iced coffee (Starbucks) and go there at least twice a day, even my 5 year old knows exactly my order.  I'm obsessed with everything white and neutral, it just so pure and classic.  I was 8 or 9 when I first handled a 35mm camera loaded with black and white film.  I shot and developed film in high school and throughout college.  I didn't get back into photography until the birth of my first daughter and it was history from there on.  With the rage of digital photography I didn't even think about anything other than that, until my second daughter was born.  I wanted more substance and soul from my images not just for me, but for my clients. And there was film.

I shoot FILM. Old school, but the best school.

Within the saturated photography world, 99% of photographer shoots digital and its so rare to find someone who still shoots film.  Its so different and special I guess thats what makes my work more unique and refined. As much as I love and adore Film I also depend on digital for the fast pace wedding day and low light situations. 

I'm fully taken by FILM photography. The richness, colors, depth, tones (don't even get me started on skin tones) and dynamic range. The true to life tangable image that was stamped on film vs. a JPEG file.  

So this is me not your average "bargain photographer" not just snapping the normal photos,  you choose me because you want soul and meaning behind each photo from the smallest details to the biggest smiles.   I want to curate timeless images for you and your family the best way that I know how which is completely on FILM.

Photos: Danilov Alina Photography