Family Photography Orange County: My sweet family!!!!

My husband bought me my very first tripod for my birthday this week and of course I had to try it out by taking photos of my sweet family. By the way the only time that the tripod was used was for the photos of all four of us. And the photos of me and the girls my husband took which are amazing! There  is something just magical when you are at the beach. The smell of the salt air, sand, kids and adults alike enjoying the outdoors makes great photos.  It was overcast which for us photographer is the ideal lighting; therefore I did not do much in post editing. Paisley was so excited to be at the beach it was hard to get her to calm down and take some photos, but managed to get a few stunning ones. I love the candid ones of my husband and baby Olive, so sweet. There is nothing like seeing dads and their babies! I'm so happy with the photos and I can't wait take more of the family