Family of three.... not FOUR long!!!: San Diego and Orange County Family Photography

I can't tell you how much I'm obsessed with these images and this session!  Everything was perfect!  From the clothes, accessories, location, lighting and most importantly the love I felt when I was around the "E" family.  This location was the third location on our list. We had a few others, but weather and hours got in the way. Whats that saying.... "third time is a charm?"  Well it was!!!  We were at Old Poway Park in San Diego which I have never been to... so I came 30 minutes early to scope it out.  If you know me and my work I don't like to chase the same spots that others do... I scope out the untouched nooks and crannies where there is no or very little foot traffic. Well this was that nook!  It was tucked away from the park.. it was were all the offices/visiting center are. I love all the colors and the old barn look, it seems like we were somewhere back east New England maybe.  Enough about the location.... I love how the "E" family let me take the creative lead! I had a blast with them it was so relaxed and fun therefore I was able to capture those candid and magical moments!  And below are some of my FAVS... there were so many!!!!  Can't wait to get my hands and photograph the fourth member of the family soon.