Long awaited baby girl: Orange county family photography

There is something about babies girls... it is the wide range of beautiful sweet clothing options?  Sweet hair bows, shoes, dresses and etc? Or is it because she is like your mini me?  Well I think its all the above and more.  Don't get me wrong I love baby boys too, but having two girls and playing dress up is so magical!  Well this mama is awaiting her baby girl and she is over the moon. She may be flat broke by the time baby reaches a year old from purchasing all the girly things, but it is so worth it! I can't get enough of these dreamy rolling hills and field images.  Its just sweet, vintage, golden and a touch of romance.  Her purple dress pops among the muted grass which also brings out her amazing skin and complexion.  I love this location and the light is so yummy.  But the best part of this session was my client, she was up for anything even getting down on the ground to get the perfect shot! We got lots of great shots, but the first one is by far my favorite!  Can't wait to meet and photograph her little girl in a few months!