Ringo: Orange County Children and Family Photographer

How cute is this little guy? Really??? Again, I'm just so lucky to photograph the cutest kids and family. His name is Ringo... yes Ringo from the Beatles!  All we need is love, is what bounces at me the entire time during this family session. What a cute young couple they are, first time parents and afraid to death of making mistakes (as I was). But, cry baby cry is not what they did or going to do.  Garrick and Michelle are two strong parents that will do everything across the universe to take care of him.  But, baby you're a rich man when love surrounds you! I love this location... I have used it twice in the past month. Yes, it dry and brown, but when the light hits each blade of grass and bounces back with rays of gold it so worth it like strawberry fields forever.  They are day tripper of a family so they were up for any location. Garrick and Michelle are busy and hard working parents so I wanted to capture candid moments of just them two together as if its their first date. I let it be when it came to post production of the images, I wanted the natural light/haze/vintage look to stay true.  I love these images and this family and I'm excited to capture more moments in the near future! 
Ok, now pop quiz.... how many Beatles song titles I used in this post?? Clever....right????