Party of Four!: Orange County Family/Children Photographer:

Mama to be the second time around is so photogenic first of all.  Her beauty reminds me of a throwback 70's model.  You know the kind that doesn't need a lot of makeup, eat more than just ice cubes and has that natural kind of beauty?  Well she has exactly that and you will notice that beauty I'm taking about throughout this post.  And I have never had a session that almost all photos looked great in black and white!  And her son is one of cutest and most behaved model I have ever had.  He is so sweet and every expressions that he gave me was amazing even when he didn't smile (those are my faves).  I could take his photos of him daily :) She will be expecting a baby girl here shortly to which will complete her family. I am so excited for her family and I know that baby girl will be spoiled rotten!