Holy Cuteness!!!! Orange County/Portland Family and Children Photography

Wow!! Really!! How cute is this family?  Every photo gets cuter and cuter by the frame. I keep saying this over and over again I'm very lucky and spoiled to take photos of beautiful people.  Not only did 95% of their session photos turned out awesome.... they where awesome!  They listened and took my suggestions when it came to clothing, match... but not too matchy at the same time. They took direction and trusted me and let me take the creative lead the whole way.  They were a model family for a family session.  Most husbands and fathers aren't big on taking photos, but you would never know that this father was camera shy! He was great and it shows on the photos! The location was perfect, the weather was warm, but had a cool sweet breeze and the light... let me tell you about the long lasting Portland light!  It doesn't get dark there til like 830pm!  While regardless of our location, this family would have taken great photos no matter what because they were opened minded, took great direction and mostly had a good time!  That is the secret to a successful session!