What a Beauty! Orange County/Portland Senior/Family Photographer

How did I get so lucky once again?  For my first senior photo session I get this beauty?  How did I manage that?  I mean every single photo was stunning!  I had a hard time giving her the 40 photos that is part of my pricing and package.. so I gave her 90+. She started off shy.. but of course I cracked a few jokes and talk about silly things got her comfortable and then 15 minutes in she was modeling like she was on "America's next top model". It was awesome!  Again, I have the coolest clients who just let me do my thing and follow direction so well and added her own spark... that combo makes amazing photos!  This session was early morning right after the fog lifted it was that early.  The light was sweet... looks like I will be adding early mornings to be session slots in the near future. I can stare and her photos all day (sound creepy) ok not in a creepy way :)  But the level of professionalism and maturity that this young lady has at such a young age will take her very far and successful in whatever she choses to pursue!  Good luck and please enjoy your senior year!